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Caraway Seed 2.0oz By Zamouri Spices
Caraway Seed 2.0oz By Zamouri Spices
Studio :
by Zamouri Spices, Elbertai Company LLC
Brand : Zamouri Spices
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : 2 Ounces

Features Of  'Caraway Seed 2.0oz By Zamouri Spices'
  • All Natural
  • Roman Cuman
Editorial Reviews for  'Caraway Seed 2.0oz By Zamouri Spices'
Product Description
Caraway is also known as Roman Cuman. Caraway is a member of the parsley family. The seeds have a warm, sweet and slightly peppery aroma; and their flavor has a hint of fennel or aniseed. The can be chewed to sweeten the breath. Caraway is used in eastern European, German and Austrian cooking. It goes well with sauerkraut, cabbage soups, coleslaw, goulash, potato dishes, cheese dishes and to flavor breads. In North Africa it is used in vegetable dishes and is spice blends such as tabil and harissa. Traditional healers believe it aids digestion and cures flatulence and use the oil to improve skin complexion.
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