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Bulk Grains, Organic Amaranth, 25 Lbs

Bulk Grains, Organic Amaranth, 25 Lbs
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by Bulk Grains
Brand : Bulk Grains
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Product Description
Amaranth has always had a place near and dear to my heart. Years ago I heard about amaranth the grain that had once been a staple in the diets of pre-Columbian Aztecs. I had learned that with the arrival of Cortez and the Spanish conquistadors all crops of amaranth were burned its use was forbidden and its possession was cause for severe punishment. I set out to find this lost grain to hopefully discover this treasure that lay at the heart of this incredibly powerful people.After 300 years of it being in obscurity I rediscovered amaranth in Mexico where I was honored to share it on ceremonial days with the descendents of the Aztecs who believed that amaranth provided them with supernatural power. Therefore it is not surprising to me when people say they are not familiar with amaranth as it was only in the 1970s that I reintroduced this ancient grain to the United States.Amaranth is a moderately tall broad-leafed bushy type of plant that grows about six feet in height and produces a brightly colored flowery head containing a very large number of seeds. (Amaranth plants can produce as many as 60000 seeds.) These seeds are the amaranth grains found in amaranth cereal and flour. Amaranth is a member of the Chenopodiaceae family of plants and therefore is a relative of beets Swiss chard spinach and quinoa. For this reason some of its nutritional characteristics are more like these dark green leafy vegetables than the cereal grain foods which are members of an entirely different plant family called Graminae. (Like quinoa and millet amaranth is not technically a grain but because it is enjoyed in meals like other true grains it is usually referred to as such.)When it comes to a good number of nutrients including numerous vitamins minerals and amino acids amaranth is very similar to other grains (like wheat) as well as to other green leafy vegetables (like Swiss chard). However I'd point to four nutrients as being significantly different when it comes to amaranth.First
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