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Aunt Patty's Blackstrap Molasses, 5-Gallon
Aunt Patty's Blackstrap Molasses, 5-Gallon
Brand : Aunt Patty's
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EAN : 0070258405124
UPC : 070258405124

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Product Description
Aunt Patty's Blackstrap Molasses

Aunt Patty's unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses is yielded from the third and final extraction of sugar refining. It contains the lowest sugar content of any other type of molasses, but is the highest in quantities of vitamins and minerals.

While this product is not certified organic, we can make the following statements about it:

  • This product is GMO-free.
  • This product has not been grown with the addition of sewer sludge.
  • This product is free from artificial and chemical additives.
  • This product is heat pasteurized but not irradiated.

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