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Two Pounds Of Raw Almonds - Organic
Two Pounds Of Raw Almonds - Organic
Studio :
by J&D Fine Foods
Brand : J&D Fine Foods
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Features Of  'Two Pounds Of Raw Almonds - Organic'
  • Comes with 2 pounds full of the freshest products
  • Excellent nutritional value in a number of categories
  • High quality & great tasting
  • Kosher - Circle K
Editorial Reviews for  'Two Pounds Of Raw Almonds - Organic'
Product Description
Imagine the culinary delights you will create with our fine quality raw almonds. Our versatile jumbo-sized nuts can be used to enhance cookies, cakes, breads, soups, and pastas. Roast them to a nice crunch at home in your oven, salt them to taste, and enjoy them warm for a special cold weather treat! Almonds are perhaps the most versatile nut in the world. Whatever the meal course, and whatever the ethnic cuisine, there�s bound to be an almond form or culinary technique to fit. Whether you're using almonds for their flavor, crunch, or thickening properties, you can find a great use for almonds in your meals. Whether you're serving salad or soup, pasta or poultry, almonds are a natural and healthful addition to any menu. With their excellent nutritional profile, almonds can be a part of an overall balanced diet.
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