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Accra — Single Origin Roasted Cocoa Nibs
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Accra — Single Origin Roasted Cocoa Nibs
Studio :
by Amano Artisan Chocolate
Brand : Amano Artisan Chocolate
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Size : 6oz

Features Of  'Accra — Single Origin Roasted Cocoa Nibs'
  • Crunchy like a nut but wonderfully chocolaty and roasty in flavor
  • Wonderfully healthy snack or tasty addition to dishes both savory and sweet
  • Made from 100 percent pure single-origin cocoa beans
  • Made from super-premium quality beans
Editorial Reviews for  'Accra — Single Origin Roasted Cocoa Nibs'
Product Description

Professional chefs and home cooks alike have requested the cocoa nibs that we use to create our award winning chocolate. Roasted pieces of cocoa bean, nibs are crunchy like a nut but with the beautiful rich flavor of chocolate. Nibs are the perfect highlight for a wide number of dishes. Incredibly flavorful, we use them to make our chocolate with but you can use them in salads, cookies, brownies, ice cream, coffee, or a host of other recipes.

Origin Information: These nibs are made from super-premium cocoa beans from Ghana. The port of Accra in Ghana has been famous for its cocoa for the past one hundred years. Ghana produces the classic Forestaro cocoa with the rich chocolate flavor that people recognize. The beans we used from Ghana's cocoa is of superior flavor to much of the world's cocoa.

We were able to secure a quantity of high-quality cocoa from Ghana that is a beautiful example of the rich traditional chocolate flavor inherent in cocoa from Africa. These are some of the finest cocoa beans we have yet seen from Ghana. We have roasted this cocoa in our vintage cocoa roaster to enhance and bring out its optimum flavor. The beans were broken and winnowed to remove their husk. The hard germ is also removed -- something that most nib suppliers fail to do. The resultant nibs (bits of bean) quickly sealed in high-barrier, foil-lined resealable bags, to trap all the beautiful roasted cocoa flavors inside.

These nibs are rich and chocolaty, wonderful to snack on or to add to a whole variety of dishes. We demand the very finest in quality when we make our chocolate, just as we demand the very finest in quality when we make our nibs.

Amano's Guarantee: We use the same quality beans for our nibs as we use for our chocolate. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our nibs-just as we refuse to compromise on the quality of our chocolate. We believe that our cocoa nibs are the highest quality nibs on the market today.

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