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Grey Poupon Classic Mustard

Grey Poupon Classic Mustard
Studio :
by Kraft Foods
Brand : Grey Poupon
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Size : 8 oz
EAN : 0054400000252
UPC : 054400000252

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Features Of  'Grey Poupon Classic Mustard'
  • Made with White Wine
  • Classic Glass Jar !!!
  • Annual Winner of the Napa Valley Mustard Festival
Editorial Reviews for  'Grey Poupon Classic Mustard'
Product Description

Gold Medal winner in the Dijon category at the Worldwide Mustard Competition held during the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. Classic GREY POUPON Dijon is made with only the finest mustard seeds, white wine and herbs and spices in accordance with the original recipe from Dijon, France. These ingredients subtly combine together to create a unique flavor that your family and guests will love.

GREY POUPON Dijon mustard is the top selling Dijon in America, and has frequently won top honors at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. That distinction has been earned by using the same quality recipe and premium ingredients since 1777when, in Dijon, France, a certain Monsieur Poupon agreed to financially back the development of a Monsieur Greys secret mustard recipe.

That was but one secret.

The following might not be true: Shortly after the GREY POUPON company was born, a group of enthusiasts came to believe that mustard, no mere condiment, actually had the power to elevate a meal (and even a whole splendid occasion) to something transcendent.

"Mad!" they were deemed. "Charlatans!" they were called. "Balderdash!" people yelled. Only this was in France, so they used different words. Probably French ones.

They took a vow of secrecy and began subversively demonstrating mustard's correct useand the joy it can bringby using it at social gatherings for the world's truly wealthy and sophisticated. They formed The Elite Mustard Cabinet.

As the centuries passed, castles and country estates became Rolls Royces and yachts (yep, the kind with fancy wood paneling in the captain's quarters).

Representatives of the Cabinet identify themselves to one another by starting each greeting with the same password. "Pardon me..."

The GREY POUPON headquarters can still be visited today in Dijon at 32 Rue de la Liberte. Nowhere is The Elite Mustard Cabinet mentioned.

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