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Sourdough Starter - Live

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Sourdough Starter - Live
Studio :
by Breadtopia
Brand : Breadtopia
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EAN : 0798304059502
UPC : 798304059502

Our Price : $6.50

Features Of  'Sourdough Starter - Live'
  • This is the starter we use in all our sourdough baking at Breadtopia. Directly from our batch in its live form and not dried.
  • Includes written instructions for multiplying and restoring to full potency for use.
  • A hearty strain of wild yeast that has served us well for years.
  • Follow included instructions immediately upon delivery
  • With regular feeding, your starter can be sustained indefinitely. Guaranteed healthy delivery within USA.
Editorial Reviews for  'Sourdough Starter - Live'
Product Description
For thousands of years, sourdough starter has been used to healthily and naturally leaven bread. Containing naturally occurring yeast and friendly Lactobacillus bacteria, sourdough starter also adds its own unique flavor profile to baked goods. "Hello Eric, I just made my first loaf of no-knead sourdough, and you are right, your sourdough starter is very vigorous! I had a fantastic oven spring! I have a rye bread rising as we speak. Thanks again." Marty, Berkley, Michigan "Just a note to say a massive THANK YOU for the wonderful sourdough starter. With it, I made near-perfect SD loaves." "I have struggled for a year to come up with a good from-scratch starter and had endless problems. Yours worked like a dream, the texture of the dough was fabulous, and the loaves delicious. Why did I wait so long? Thanks again." Margaret McGurk
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