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Nagano White Miso Paste 2.2 Lb.

Nagano White Miso Paste 2.2 Lb.
Studio :
by Nagano
Brand : Nagano
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Features Of  'Nagano White Miso Paste 2.2 Lb.'
  • 2.2 lb
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Product Description
Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting rice, barley and/or soybeans, with salt and the fungus k?jikin, the most typical miso being made with soy. The result is a thick paste used for sauces and spreads, pickling vegetables or meats, and mixing with dashi soup stock to serve as miso soup. High in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals, miso is still very widely used in Japan, both in traditional and modern cooking, and has been gaining world-wide interest. Miso is typically salty, but its flavor and aroma depend on various factors in the ingredients and fermentation process. White miso has a slightly milder, sweeter flavor than red miso.
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