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Atomic Horseradish - Extra Hot - 6 Oz Jar

Atomic Horseradish - Extra Hot - 6 Oz Jar
Studio :
by Atomic Horseradish
Brand : True Natural Taste
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Our Price : $4.99

Features Of  'Atomic Horseradish - Extra Hot - 6 Oz Jar'
  • FREE Upgrade - 2 Day Expedited delivery to your door
  • Put in the frig upon arrival to keep the best heat/flavor - It's perishable like eggs.
  • Super Hot - Not at all like supermarket horseradish - Feels like your hair is falling out.
  • Gluten Free - Kosher - Vegan - Farm Fresh Ingredients - As good or better than homemade.
  • Choice of exclusive hotels, resorts, national restaurant chains - Now available for your personal use.
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Product Description
Aptly named over 50 years ago, Atomic Horseradish has served the hospitality industry using the same closely guarded recipe. It's the choice of exclusive hotels, resorts and national restaurant chains. The exact, flavorful, extra hot horseradish is now available for your personal use. Most people first discover Atomic in a nice restaurant, ask about it and Google it because Atomic Horseradish is not advertised! The California horseradish is very, very hot. Parsnips are added to control its natural bitterness, resulting in extreme heat, mushrooming through your sinuses leaving you with the satisfying flavor of real horseradish that's as good if not better than your granddad's homemade that chased you out of the house when you were a kid.
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