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SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit
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SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit
Studio :
by Kitchen's Best Manufacturing Group Ltd.
Brand : SoyQuick
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EAN : 0832663000123
UPC : 832663000123

Features Of  'SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit'
  • High quality 3 piece press - includes a 2 piece press and cotton muslin
  • Can be used with home made milk from your SoyQuick Milk Maker or with store bought soymilk
  • Unlike wood tofu kits, the SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit has a rounded corner design for easy cleaning
  • Makes between 7-14 oz of soft to extra firm tofu per packet
  • Includes 20 packets of SoyQuick Tofu Coagulator and Free Shipping!
Editorial Reviews for  'SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit'
Product Description
Did you know that some of the best tasting tofu is homemade tofu and it cost much less than the tofu you buy in the store? Take control over the things you eat by making your own tofu with the SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit and guarantee that you and your family are only eating fresh, organic, non-genetically modified tofu and feel confident that the only ingredients in your tofu are those that you have added yourself. The SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit gives you unlimited flexibility to make all textures of tofu to suit the whole family's needs. By simply adjusting how long you press your tofu and the type of coagulator, you can easily make a wide variety of delicious tofu. Effortlessly make soft "Silken" tofu used for sauces, dressings and desserts like dairy free ice creams or press a firmer tofu for grilling, stir fries, baking and barbequing. The Tofu Kit's high quality 3 piece (5 X 4.25 X 3.5 inch) kit includes a large piece of cotton muslin, 20 packets of tofu coagulator and can make a 7-14oz brick of great tasting tofu using one batch of fresh home made soy milk and 1 packet of tofu coagulator for only pennies per batch! Unlike most wooden styles of tofu presses that are ideal conditions for bacterial growth and have hard-to-clean square corners, the SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit is made of durable plastic with rounded corners which allow for quick and easy cleaning ensuring that there are no pieces of tofu left behind. The SoyQuick Deluxe Tofu Kit is also one solid piece which means that there is no more glue or nails to fall apart providing you with a life time of tofu making. Start saving your money now and make the texture and flavor of tofu you want from the comfort of your kitchen! For the best results, try using fresh soy milk made from the SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P and even add herbs and spices while making your tofu for a fun twist to spice things up!
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