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Zocalo Kaniwa Flour (1lb)

Zocalo Kaniwa Flour (1lb)
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by Zocalo
Brand : Zocalo
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EAN : 0832924008905
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Features Of  'Zocalo Kaniwa Flour (1lb)'
  • One pound - made in Peru
  • Made with 100% kaniwa grain
  • Gluten free
  • High in protein
Editorial Reviews for  'Zocalo Kaniwa Flour (1lb)'
Product Description
Made from kañiwa, a grain closely related to quinoa, this gluten-free flour is full of protein with an earthy taste. Bake with it on its own or blend it with other flours for a variety of baked goods including breads, muffins and pancakes. Kañiwa is a species of goosefoot, a flowering plant similar to quinoa. This nutritious grain flourishes high in the Andes Mountains, an extreme environment where traditional crops of wheat, corn or rye grow unreliably or not at all. The tiny seeds of the plant are ground into a brown flour with a high protein density. Although it can be used on it own, this flour performs best when combined with other flours. Use it for bread, cookies, muffins or any variety of other baked goods.
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