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Organic Black Lentils 12 oz by OliveNation
Organic Black Lentils 12 oz by OliveNation
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by OliveNation
Brand : OliveNation
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Size : 12 oz.

Features Of  'Organic Black Lentils 12 oz by OliveNation'
  • Black Lentils have a soft texture mild and an earthly flavor
  • The name of these small, shiny black lentils comes from their resemblance to caviar
  • Black Lentils are quick cooking and a staple in many South Asian cuisines
  • Like other legumes, Black Lentils are nutritious
  • They are high in protein, zinc, fiber and folate, a water soluble B-vitamin
Editorial Reviews for  'Organic Black Lentils 12 oz by OliveNation'
Product Description
Black beluga lentils are a very popular legume in South Asia. They are often used to make a beautiful black lentil soup. These lentils have a mild, earthly flavor and soft texture. They are a staple food for many South Asian cultures. The quick cooking and nutritious nature of black bean lentils make them a good choice for winter soups. They're delicious in chilled vegetable salads, or mixed with bread crumbs, minced onion and garlic to stuff roasted red peppers or eggplant. Net Weight: 12 oz. Ingredients: Black lentils. (May contain a trace percentage of cereal grains)
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