Delectable Planet is a place where you can get delicious vegan recipes that taste good and are good for everyone. Why? Because we believe that by eating more plant-based foods we use far fewer resources, lower our carbon footprint, and support food for more people.

Delectable Planet has been designed to provide you with a simple approach to making your own meals that consist of all plant-based ingredients. Whether you would like to do your part to help the planet, make a lifestyle change or just learn more about animal-free food options, we hope you find our recipes and “how-to” instructions helpful. Using a short instructional video with every recipe makes learning how to cook a plant-based diet easy and entertaining. Plus the nutritional tidbits that are provided with many videos will help you learn more about how to reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

Enjoy and please provide feedback so we know how to improve the Delectable Planet site experience!

The Delectable Planet Mission

Our mission is to encourage people to eat lower on the food chain to support environmental sustainability, increase social justice and be healthy.

If you are just getting started, may we suggest you begin with a few plant-based meals a week? Then add more as you feel comfortable. You will feel better and it won't be long until the whole world breathes easier.

We are first and foremost an educational site. We want to share everything we have learned about eating a plant-based diet with you. So we have focused on video recipes with printed instructions and tips. All the recipes can be printed or emailed to friends. In addition, we are providing many food preparation tips and tricks. And very importantly, we are providing the resources to understand why we should eat lower on the food chain along with important dietary information.

Secondly, we would love your participation. Please add your comments to the recipes via YouTube. If you have a great recipe idea or would like to have us film you producing it, let us know. If you run across a great article or link, please send it to us! We will share it in our newsletter or on the site.

Have questions, suggestions, ideas? Send us an email at info@delectableplanet.com.

The Founders


Lester Karplus became a vegetarian in the '70s after realizing that the US could feed the whole world, but ate that food in the form of beef. He decided that he would never eat another animal until everyone went to bed with food in their bellies. He raised his children as vegetarian and now even his grand-children are growing up with the same attitude. Lester has had over 12 years of experience working with natural/whole/organic foods in restaurants, manufacturing, and distribution. After learning more about the total impact that animal production has had on the planet and people over the last few decades, he decided it was time to do something. Hence Delectable Planet.

Karna Knapp is a recent convert to the plant-based diet although she has tended that way much of her life. After reading more about the critical nature of the impact of animal production, she also decided that she would dedicate a large portion of time to helping others learn to eat a plant-based diet. Karna is a modern dancer and concerned about proper nutrition. She has spent a considerable effort studying and learning how to make the shift to a plant-based diet and develops recipes to make her diet fun to live.

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Our mission is to encourage people to eat lower on the food chain to support environmental sustainability, increase social justice and be healthy.