Stocking Your Pantry

Creating a pbeansantry that is “vegan friendly” is often an eye-opening experience. You will find that you have a very large number of items to choose from and you’ll be well rewarded when dinner time comes around! Most of these items will keep for several months to a year depending on how they are packaged. Choose organic and non-GMO whenever you can. Once you find your favorites, buy in bulk to save on packaging.

Check labels to make sure products contain no animal products, dairy or eggs. Here are a few animal products to watch out for: Honey, rennet, casein, gelatin, whey, refined sugar, lactic acid.

In general stay away from isolates, hydrogenated or fractionated products, modified foods, autolyzed yeast, sulfites and high fructose corn syrup. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably best not to buy the product!

aduki beanssalad dressingtomatoesolive oilalmondsketchupbaking powderoat groats

Baking:Beans, dried:Breakfast items:
Agar agarAdukiAlmond, cashew or peanut butter
Agave nectarAnasaziCold dry cereal
Baking powder, aluminum-freeBlack eyed peasFruit spread
Brown rice syrupBlackGranola
Cocoa powderGarbanzo/Chick PeasHot cereal
Corn starchLentils (red, green, French)Non-dairy milk
CornmealNavyPancake mix
Egg replacerPeas, split green or yellowProtein powder (rice, soy)
Flax mealPinto beans
Garbanzo flourSoyCanned Goods:
Maple syrupApplesauce
MolassesBeans, canned:Artichoke hearts
Natural sugarBlackBaked beans
Rye flourCannelliniChili
SaltPintoJalapeno peppers
Soy flourGreat NorthernOlives
Tofu, aseptic boxGarbanzoPineapple
Whole wheat flourSun dried tomatoes
Whole wheat pastry flourTomatoes (whole, diced, puree, paste)
Condiments:Miscellaneous:Oil & Vinegar:
ChutneyMushrooms, driedApple Cider vinegar
HorseradishNigariBalsamic vinegar
Hot sauceNutritional yeastOlive oil
KetchupTahiniRice vinegar
MustardTofuSafflower oil
PicklesTVP (textured vegetable protein)Sesame oil
Tamari or Soy sauceSea vegetables (nori, wakame, arame)
SalsaTeaHerbs & Spices
Salad dressingBasil
Nuts & Seeds:Bay leaf
AmaranthBrazil nutsCinnamon
Black riceFlaxCumin
Brown ricePeanutsGarlic
MilletPine nutsMustard seed
Oat groatsPumpkin seedsParsley
QuinoaSesame seedsPoppy seed
Wild riceSunflower seedsRed pepper flakes
Soup & Pasta:Snacks:Salt, sea
Kombu (sea vegetable)BarsTarragon
Pasta, whole grainCorn/potato chipsThyme
Pasta sauceChocolate, darkTurmeric
Tomatoes, cannedDried fruit
Vegetable stock/brothPopcorn
Rice cakes
Trail Mix