Alan Roettinger's Recipes:

Cashew Cream Cashew Cream
Great for non-dairy desserts, soups or sauces
How to Prepare Artichokes How to Prepare Artichokes
How to prep an artichoke for purees, sauteed wedges, or even stuffed artichokes
Preserved Lemons Preserved Lemons
Preserved Lemons are used in many Moroccan dishes. You can save a lot of money by making these at home.
Side Dish
Cool and Spicy Salad Cool and Spicy Salad
Cucumber is a cooling vegetable, which combined with iceberg lettuce makes a perfect match for the spicy shallot vinaigrette in this speedy summer salad.
Asparagus with Cannellini Asparagus with Cannellini
This is one of those Mediterranean-style dishes that are perfect hot, at room temperature, or cold--a wonderful versatility for entertaining. If at all possible, use freshly picked vine-ripened tomatoes and very fresh verdant basil.
Side Dish
Green Curry Salad Green Curry Salad
With its bright tastes and crunchy textures, this is a crowd-pleaser. Just beware: it has to be eaten right away, so whatever you do, don’t add the dressing until just before you’re ready to serve.
Side Dish
Hot Eggplant and Seitan Open-face Sandwich Hot Eggplant and Seitan Open-face Sandwich
I was imagining possible ways to use seitan, when this combination came to me. Even my 84-year-old mother liked it. If you have any fresh shiitake mushrooms, they would go well too; slice them and add to the sauce.
Fennel Slaw Fennel Slaw
Fennel is an appetite-enhancer, a digestive aid and a palate-cleanser, but most importantly, it's delicious. This salad is good at the beginning of a meal, at the end, or by itself, as a snack. To avoid discoloration, make the dressing first, then cut the fennel.
Side Dish
Minted Chocolate Dream Minted Chocolate Dream
This ridiculously quick and easy, yet elegant and delightful dessert is made without cream, although the result is very rich and creamy. Impossible, you say? Try it.
Egyptian Eggplant Egyptian Eggplant
I once worked for an Egyptian gentleman who professed a hatred of garlic, but loved this dish. I learned a number of Egyptian dishes to please his palate, nearly all of them loaded with garlic. He loved them all. Mashing up the garlic with a mortar helps make it creamy.

About Alan

Alan Roettingeris a writer, food designer, blogger, and public speaker. He has served clients as a private chef in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Raised in Mexico City, he acquired a taste for exotic food early on and soon developed a passion for flavor and beauty that drives his diverse, creative culinary style.

Alan is passionate about empowering people to make smart choices in what they eat, and to enjoy eating well at home. His cookbooks,Omega-3 Cuisine, Speed Vegan, and Extraordinary Vegan showcase his ability to bring health and pleasure together in a wide range of dishes that are simultaneously sophisticated and accessible for the home cook.

Alan has created 15 Delectable recipes!