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Eggless Egg Salad Eggless Egg Salad
Spread this tofu-based salad on bread for a delicious sandwich or use as a dip with veggies, crackers or rice cakes.
Egyptian Eggplant Egyptian Eggplant
I once worked for an Egyptian gentleman who professed a hatred of garlic, but loved this dish. I learned a number of Egyptian dishes to please his palate, nearly all of them loaded with garlic. He loved them all. Mashing up the garlic with a mortar helps make it creamy.
Enchilada Sauce Enchilada Sauce
If you like enchiladas and have tomato sauce in your pantry, this simple sauce can be made up in about 20 minutes.
Fabulous Falafels Fabulous Falafels
During a trip to the Middle East we encountered the best Falafels we had ever tasted and we have recreated the recipe for you to try yourself.
Facon Bacon Facon Bacon
Make this scrumptious bacon-flavored tempeh and then use it in a BST Sandwich. Or try it in Black Bean Chili.
Falafel and Tahini Sauce with Pita Bread Falafel and Tahini Sauce with Pita Bread
A Pita sandwich with falafels and tahini sauce is a healthy and nutritious lunch or dinner that you can enjoy as a sit down meal or eat on the run.
Fennel Slaw Fennel Slaw
Fennel is an appetite-enhancer, a digestive aid and a palate-cleanser, but most importantly, it's delicious. This salad is good at the beginning of a meal, at the end, or by itself, as a snack. To avoid discoloration, make the dressing first, then cut the fennel.
Fettuccine with Grilled Asparagus, Peas and Lemon Fettuccine with Grilled Asparagus, Peas and Lemon
This dish is hearty and light at the same time, a perfect summertime meal. And, it’s a cinch to cook up – you’ll see!
Fiesta Chili Fiesta Chili
Here's another twist on chili! Adding ginger and fresh vegetables gives it a unique flavor and is a great way to get some extra veggies into your daily meal plan.
Fiesta Salad Fiesta Salad
This salad is a celebration of color and taste. It may be made in advance and keeps well for several days. It is nearly fat free, which is important when it comes to lowering cancer risk and improving survival.