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Wacky Cake Wacky Cake
Wacky Cake is an easy chocolate cake made right in the pan. Moist and delicious, serve with a little soy whipped cream or dairy-free ice cream.
Walnut Chocolate Chip Brownies Walnut Chocolate Chip Brownies
Finally! Plant-based brownies that taste great!
White Bean Spread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes White Bean Spread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
This luscious, low-fat spread includes sun-dried tomatoes, which give it a wonderful smoky flavor.
White Beans and Greens Fettuccini White Beans and Greens Fettuccini
This dish is a full meal in and of itself with carbo’s, greens, protein and fiber. It is a great combination of Swiss chard, Navy beans and Pasta!
Whole Grain Caraway Rye Whole Grain Caraway Rye
Here is a loaf of bread you probably will never find in the store. It is made with whole grain wheat and rye flours, sweetened with molasses and flavored with caraway seeds. Warning: you may get addicted to this bread!
Whole Spelt Bread Whole Spelt Bread
Spelt is a grain in the wheat family. Bread made from spelt flour is sweeter and nuttier than bread made with wheat. Some people who cannot tolerate wheat products can eat spelt.
Whole Wheat Empanadas Whole Wheat Empanadas
Empanadas, or hand pies, are widely eaten in South America and can be filled with sweet, savory, or sweet and sour fillings.
Whole Wheat Pizza and Tomato and Cucumber Salad Whole Wheat Pizza and Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Make healthy whole wheat pizza from scratch. Serve with a simple arranged tomato and cucumber salad.
Wholesome Cherry Pie Wholesome Cherry Pie
When cherries are cheap you just have to make cherry pie. Surround the cherries in a whole wheat pie crust for a wholesome dessert.
Za'atar Potato Salad Za'atar Potato Salad
Za'atar, a spice blend of oregano, thyme, sumac, sesame seeds and salt, adds a distinct Middle Eastern flavor to this variation on potato salad.