Blue Corn Chip Salad

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Blue Corn Chip Salad
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This salad is perfect for a warm day or when you want something light yet filling.

Yields: Serves 2-4


4 cups baked blue corn chips (other colored corn chips can be substituted)

1 small head red-leaf lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces

16 ounces cooked black beans, rinsed

1 cup salsa

3 roasted red peppers, sliced into strips about 2" long by 1/2" thick

1 Roma tomato, diced

Options: 1/4 cup pepitas (green pumpkin seeds)


Place the corn chips on the plates or bowls first, followed by the lettuce, beans, tomatoes, salsa, and top it off with the sliced roasted red peppers.

Options: If you add pepitas, add them last.

Per Serving: Calories: 380, Fat: 5.3 g, Saturated Fat: 0.5 g , Calories from Fat: 12.1, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Protein: 11.5 g, Carbohydrates: 75.7 g, Sugar: 18 g, Fiber: 11.4 g, Sodium: 1182 mg, Calcium: 111 mg, Iron: 6.2 mg, Vitamin C: 304 mg, Beta Carotene: 9900 mcg, Vitamin E: 5.9 mg

Recipe by
Jill Eckart