Curry Spice Blend

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Curry Spice Blend
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Curry means "sauce" and is typically a blend of several spices. Use this blend in your favorite curry dishes.

Yields: Makes 2 oz


2 T coriander seeds or powder

2 T cumin

1 T fenugreek

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp garlic

1 tsp cloves

1/2 tsp cayenne

1/2 tsp turmeric


If you have seeds instead of powders, grind them up in a coffee bean grinder.

Blend all of the spices in a bowl. Using a funnel, transfer the blend to a jar with a tight fitting lid.

Additional Tips

If you prefer cooking with fresh garlic and ginger, leave these out of the blend.

Adjust the heat by increasing or decreasing the cayenne powder.

Use 1-2 tablespoons of curry spices in your favorite dish.

Recipe by
Lester Karplus