Main Course Recipes

Asparagus and Zucchini Enchiladas Asparagus and Zucchini Enchiladas
Enchiladas are a wonderful combination of corn tortillas that are stuffed with an assortment of fillings, smothered in a spicy tomato sauce and baked.
Avocado Pine Nut Salad Avocado Pine Nut Salad
This is a simple, nutritious salad with only four ingredients. Serve as a side dish or a main course.
Baked Tofu Baked Tofu
Baking tofu in a marinade is a simple way to infuse it with flavor. Enjoy it with steamed veggies and cooked grains or as a snack.
BBQ Tofu Sandwich BBQ Tofu Sandwich
Here's a quick and easy way to spice up some tofu for a hearty, summertime sandwich. Great for the grill or a quick lunch or dinner in the fry pan.
Black Bean Chili Black Bean Chili
This recipe is quick to prepare and delicious served with brown rice and a green salad. It can also be used as a burrito filling. If you enjoy a lot of heat, add more chilies.
BST (Bacon, Sprout, and Tomato Sandwich) BST (Bacon, Sprout, and Tomato Sandwich)
This sandwich, a variation on the traditional BLT, draws its flavors from smoked bacon-flavored nutty tempeh and juicy tomatoes. Learn how to make Facon Bacon.
Buckwheat Pasta with Seitan Buckwheat Pasta with Seitan
This recipe contains soba noodles, a Japanese buckwheat noodle. Enjoy this tasty and filling pasta dish.
Chana Dal Chana Dal
Chana dal is a small relative of the garbanzo bean. It is one of the lowest foods available on the glycemic index and is full of protein and fiber.
Chili and Cornbread Chili and Cornbread
Try this quick-to-fix chili and cornbread.
Cilantro Pesto Cilantro Pesto
Have lots of Cilantro around and looking for something to do with it? Try this quick and easy Pesto for a bright and clean flavor for pasta, sandwich spread or a party dip!