Salad Recipes

Grilled Italian Zucchini Sandwiches Grilled Italian Zucchini Sandwiches
Grill these all-in-one sandwiches outdoors on warm days or broil in the oven** when it's cold. Use 100% whole grain bread for a hearty meal.
Hoppin John Salad Hoppin John Salad
Hoppin’ John is a rice and bean salad traditionally served in the southern United States on New Year’s Day to bring a year filled with luck. Eaten any time of year, however, this salad is delicious and loaded with cancer-fighting power-foods.
Incredible Vegetable Pot Pie Incredible Vegetable Pot Pie
This savory pie is a full meal in and of itself. Use it as an opportunity to clean out the vegetable bin in the fridge and enjoy some comfort food.
Kale Chips Kale Chips
Here's one way to get kale into your friends and family members. These crunchy, healthy chips can be eaten as an appetizer, a snack or as a side dish.
Lentil and Brown Rice Soup Lentil and Brown Rice Soup
For a satisfying meal, have this hearty soup with whole-grain bread and a cucumber salad.
Lentil and Bulgur Salad Lentil and Bulgur Salad
The garlic in this tangy salad contains a potent cancer-fighter called allicin, which has been shown to help the body eliminate carcinogens and slow the growth of cancer cells. Serve this salad with wedges of fresh pita bread for a very satisfying meal.
Make Tofu Mayo Make Tofu Mayo
If you're looking for a way to cut down on cholesterol - you gotta try this mayo! It's quick and easy to make at home.
Mediterranean Pasta Salad Mediterranean Pasta Salad
Take this flavorful yet simple dish to your next potluck or picnic.
Mexican Cornbread Mexican Cornbread
This smoky, spicy cornbread will spice up a bowl of soup, a salad or chili.